Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Stone Benchtop Products for Sale

Different kind of stonesKitchen benchtops can be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Classic and contemporary options abound for the meticulous homeowner. Stone countertops can be very expensive indeed, but experts still argue that it is the best choice — that is, if you want a kitchen that stands out, and a countertop that can last for years to come.

Natural versus Engineered Stone

Organic and durable — these are the qualities of natural building materials. However, these features exist together with porosity, another trait unique to organic countertops. Porous materials are highly vulnerable to staining, which is a disadvantage for natural benchtops that fetch a high price. While sealiing can lessen the material’s porosity, it lessens the natural appearance as well. Natural materials are also more expensive per square metre than engineered alternatives. For example, black granite can fetch as much as $2000 per square metre.

Meanwhile, engineered stone is more affordable, but not made from pure natural material. Manmade conglomerates of quartz and resins made to resemble the surface characteristics of marble — that is what you get when you choose imitation stone. However, many homeowners choose engineered stone surfaces not only for the more attractive price tag, but also for their durability, low porosity, and high scratch resistance.

Granite versus marble

When you purchase stone bench tops in Tauranga, from companies like Prestige Bench Top Limited, it is likely the merchant will offer either marble or granite. Marble is popular, but it stains more readily than granite. If you are concerned about staining, then make sure the marble is treated and sealed prior to installation. The other option is sealed granite, which is as reliable.

Granite is also porous, but it performs excellently in abrasion tests. The choice is yours, and it will depend on your aesthetic sensibilities. Both types of natural stone are classic choices and lend elegance to the room.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. When designing the kitchen, you want it to look its best. Organic stone kitchen countertops come from mines while engineered products are manufactured in factories. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Which type of countertop would you like to own?