The What, Why, and How of Bio-Based Products

The What, Why, and How of Bio-Based Products

Scientist working on bio based products

If you’re in any manufacturing industry, you’ve probably already heard of bio-based products. When Henry Ford predicted in the 1920s that ethanol would fuel cars, not a lot of people were convinced. If those people were still alive today, they’d be eating their doubts for breakfast. Just like the manufacturers of polyurethane coatings from, many industries are now making bio-based products their material of choice. Here’s a look at what these bio-based products are and why time and money is being spent on research for it.

What are Bio-Based Products?

Bio-based products are industrial or commercial goods that are made from biological materials or materials that come from plants, animals, and forestry or marine materials. These types of materials are considered to be biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment.

Why Should Industries Use Bio-Based Products?

There have been numerous efforts by different organizations to go green or to help save the earth and its natural resources. This is one way that for the industrial sector to help them. By using bio-based products, manufacturers can help the farmers increase their profit as they use corn, soy, and other crops to create the materials they need. Besides that, since these materials are biodegradable, it reduces the toxins in the air and water as factories release cleaner smoke or wastewater.

How are Bio-Based Products Created?

Biological materials like plants, for example, go through a process to extract oils or other resins that can create industrials materials. A good example of this is castor oil, which comes from the castor bean plant. Castor oil is used in the manufacture of many materials like lubricants, adhesives, paint, plastics, and cosmetics.

“Bio” means life. It means that if more industries choose bio-based products over fuel-based products, it gives life not only to consumers but the manufacturers, and farmers as well. It helps build a more sustainable process in making commodities that people use every day. Using bio-based products is the green choice for the manufacturing industry.