How Sustainable Are Your Product Packaging Solutions?

How Sustainable Are Your Product Packaging Solutions?

The green movement has been gaining traction in recent years as more and more nations plug in to reduce their carbon footprint. That, however, has required some of these nations to create laws requiring companies to manufacture and use eco-friendly products. Besides these national laws, companies have also been creating in-house regulations to ensure their products are safe for the environment. But, among the most of these products that end up in landfills is packaging.

Therefore, you should make it one of the critical areas to tweak your packaging solutions to meet both your in-house regulations and national laws on using eco-friendly products. And, on that, the best way out is working with a company that has had years of providing environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Their input could include guiding you in or providing you with:

Rethinking your packaging

Your cardboard void former or any other packaging machine that you use could be consuming too much energy on unnecessary processes. You further can save your energy consumption by coming up with creative ways of reducing the size of the products that you are packaging. That way, you will reduce the workload for your packaging machinery.

Additionally, you will minimise the materials for the actual packaging boxes or containers. Among these creative ways of reducing the quantity of packaging is condensing your liquid formulas, and changing the arrangement of your products. You also can achieve that by incorporating the packaging into your products.

Unique, innovative packaging materials

Tape gun and packaging materials

Plastics are among the prime contributors to environmental pollution. So, switch from using pure plastics in your packaging. Instead, opt for plant-based or rainforest-friendly packing papers, or, at the least, bioplastics. Other times, the packaging itself could be eco-friendly, but the labelling inks be of harsh chemicals. That still affects your rating as a company that uses entirely eco-friendly packaging products. Instead, use inks from plant or animal products. These eco-friendly alternatives could be a little costly in the beginning. But, discuss with your packaging solutions provider to determine how best you can make these alternative packaging sustainable in the long run.

More and more companies are capitalising the mass embracing the green movement. This inclination towards eco-friendly products is gradually creating a distinction in the companies whose businesses are remaining afloat. Sticking to conventional methods of manufacturing and packaging products may put your company’s ROI on the line. And, with packagings being a significant contributor to landfills, your choice of packaging solutions remain the one point at which you can reduce your contribution to environmental pollution. It also is a way of showing that you care about the immediate environment in which your customers live. And, that contributes toward making your company both socially and environmentally responsible.

So, why keep putting off getting the most innovative, eco-friendly cardboard void formers and other packaging solutions for your business. Get help from a company that has had years specialising in such products and is passionate about the environment. Whether you are in the construction, packaging, or graphics & display industry, be environmentally conscious of your contribution to reducing environmental pollution.