What You Should Know When Buying a Laser Cutter

What You Should Know When Buying a Laser Cutter

Laser cutterAll vendors claim to have the best products. What do you do when need to buy a laser cutter? First, you should know there are different types of laser machines as well as materials on which laser cutting works.

One of these is the C02 laser cutter. However, no matter which kind of laser cutter you opt for, here are four pointers you will find helpful in getting the right one:

Type of Material

Laser cutters can engrave and cut different materials — wood, acrylic, and textiles, for example. You can also carve in lamination using a laser machine. Determine what you need the laser machine for, and the material you will be handling.

Warranty and Support

Buying a laser machine is a big investment that you have few chances to get it right the first time. Ask your dealer whether they have a manufacturer’s warranty for the equipment and the extent of repairs they allow. You could also ask about spare parts should you need to get them replaced.

Shape of the Material

Most of the laser work is on sheet materials, although it can involve tubular items. If you plan to use cylinders, you should get a laser machine that supports a rotary tool. A rotary tool holds circular objects in place and rotates to be able to engrave the entire surface.

Power Capacity

You do not need to buy the machine with the highest wattage you can afford. The quality of the optics determines the performance of the laser. Again, wattage performance varies across manufacturers. Thus, it is advisable that, when possible, test the laser cutter’s performance before you buy it.

Now that you are aware of what to look for when buying a laser cutter, you can assess your needs and choose a laser machine that will best meet them.