C02 or Fiber Laser: Which is Better for Your Business?

C02 or Fiber Laser: Which is Better for Your Business?

Laser Cutting MachineMany manufacturing companies have relied on fiber lasing cutting technology even though it was only launched in 2008, although many still prefer to use C02 laser cutters.

That’s because some applications are still more suitable for C02 laser cutting, while others simply continue on using them due to familiarity and experience. Both types are different, yet they offer mostly the same benefits, including precise cuts and energy-efficiency.

Cutting Edge

The manufacturing industry has used C02 lasers in the last 20 years; hence, many have become more experienced in using them. On the other hand, fiber laser technology only became available in 2008. However, some companies decided to switch due to the lower operating costs and faster cutting speeds.

Before you jump the gun and buy a fiber laser machine, ask yourself if your business needs align with its features. In case you need to cut thicker or specialized materials, a C02 laser cutter is a better option.

Think carefully when choosing between these two types of lasers, since most manufacturers stick with their laser equipment for up to 10 years. Buying the wrong equipment may lead you to use it just so you could recover the cost of investment, which would still be an impractical choice for your business.

True Cost

Laser machines cost a significant amount of money, whether you plan to buy either fiber or C02 laser. The overall price involves more than just the value of buying one, as maintenance and equipment performance will influence the true cost of investment.

An easy way to manage the machine’s performance will require you to have a monitoring software system. This will entail additional costs, but the potential of gaining up to 50% of productivity growth in operations more than makes up for the extra expenses.


Fiber and C02 lasers have their respective advantages and setbacks. If you find them equally beneficial, you should consult with a reliable supplier to break the tie and ask for a better recommendation.