Glasses Brands for Kids

Glasses Brands for Kids

Parents and child wearing sunglassesChildren grow up fast. They quickly outgrow their clothes, shoes and even glasses, and their preferences change at a snap of a finger. The need to find products for kids that match their physique and preference as they grow is a large factor that contributes to the growth of many industries. This is especially true for the Eyewear industry.

Sight problems may develop as early as infancy. After being prescribed a pair, children will eventually outgrow the size and design of their glasses. Stocking up on glasses for kids may be a daunting task for sellers when taking into consideration the preference of consumers. International Eyewear  has some suggestions of popular eyewear brands that sellers could stock up on.


Young fans of superhero stories have been treated to Spiderman, Thor, and Iron Man  movies more frequently in the past few years. The growing fan base of the MARVEL comics and the MARVEL Cinematic Universe has inspired glasses with themes of justice and peace. Some of MARVEL’s common designs include plastic frames in more mature colors like blacks or blues, colours that boys prefer. They come in plastic frames and kids still prefer plastic frames because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Disney Princess and Disney FROZEN

Disney Princess like Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel are childhood staples. After the release of the box office hit FROZEN, Elsa and Anna have developed a large fan base. Disney Princess and FROZEN inspired a feminine line of eyewear with themes of friendship, love, bravery, and adventure. This brand has plastic frames that come in purple colour with accents of bright coloured patterns that girls like. Some frames are more simple and sophisticated while others are more fun with different patterns on the temple.

Star Wars

The Star Wars brand offers space fantasy inspired spectacles. The simple and even minimalistic style echo a sophistication which is often found in adult glasses. Not only will kids feel adult wearing these glasses, they will also be able to wear a brand they love.

Kids easily outgrow their things and it’s never long before their items need to be replaced to fit. It’s a good idea to make sure that not only is the fitting correct, but that sellers provide style options which the kids will love.