A Look into the Huge Impact of Divorce on Kids

A Look into the Huge Impact of Divorce on Kids

SiblingsJust the thought of a divorce is already stressful and emotionally draining for parents. But the effect could be even more painful to the children. Some parents easily decide to separate not thinking how their kids would feel.

Divorce is never easy, as it introduces a massive change in life regardless of age. When kids used to see the spark, care, and attention between parents, it would be hard for them to witness instant loss of love.

For parents, it is more than just determining who pays for educational needs and who deals with medical expenses. The absence of one parent has challenges as difficult as a puzzle or chess match. The legal process is a life-altering experience, changing how life was before. Read on to know how children of all ages react differently to divorce.

The Impact on Toddlers

If divorcing parents are angry at each other, the kids are unhappy. The effect, however, is not as simple as that. For toddlers, the process can shatter their safety. Though they have limited cognitive ability, they can sense if something is not right. Toddlers do not have any coping skills yet, which is why they can be more vulnerable to emotional issues as they age. Later in life, some kids tend to blame themselves for their parents’ divorce.

If parents want to reduce the impact, they can get some legal help. Law firms, like Buhlerlawoffice.com, shares that a child support lawyer can help come up with a realistic option.

The Impact on School-Age Kids

Divorce can negatively affect the education of children ages 6 to 12. Studies show that most kids fall behind their math subject and have difficulty catching up with others. Researchers claim that divorce can also impact their social skills, along with feelings of sadness and low self-esteem.

Like it or not, divorce will inevitably harm kids. What parents need to do is be aware of the negative effects, so they can think of possible solutions to likely reduce the impact.


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