Kids Party Favours: Adding Life to Your Party

Kids Party Favours: Adding Life to Your Party

birthday partyChildren look forward to their birthday celebrations every year, constantly thinking about their clothes, cakes and the gifts they will receive. Slightly older children want to plan more and have a theme event. They want music, movies and wonderfully planned party favours.

It is a thoughtful idea to give the kids who attend your child’s party a return gift or a party favour as a token of appreciation. This will add more fun and life to the celebrations. With a little imagination, it is possible to make these return gifts and goody pouches yourself with a bit of help from family, friends or your own children.

Here are some creative ideas you can try:

• Collect small items that coordinate well with the theme of the celebration. Place these in a decorative, specially made bag. This can make a great return gift.
• You can be creative and make the bags yourself. They can hold the sweets or trinkets you plan to gift the guests.
• The bags can be made out of fabric with patterns that match the theme. You can also use scraps and other leftovers from your other projects. The bags can have good drawstrings, so guests can still use them for other purposes.
• Place a small cake or a cupcake in the bags. Even a sugar cookie or a lollipop to match the colours of the celebrations will be great.
• Try to add a photo gift. It could be a photo frame or a small album. They can keep photographs of the celebration with them. You can mail the photos of the celebrations to them with thank you notes after the event.
• The coordinated trinket could be a small action or cartoon figure for small children or a silk scarf or stole for older children.
• If any particular cartoon character is the theme, then you can go all the way and have the same cartoon stickers on the bag, photo frames and other souvenir items.

Once you have filled the handmade colourful goody bags, arrange them nicely on a well decorated table during the celebrations. This will spread a warm feeling among the children and other guests. They will really enjoy the celebrations and have fun.


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