4 Games to Enjoy with Kids and Teach Life Lessons

4 Games to Enjoy with Kids and Teach Life Lessons

toddler playing with blocksWhen did you last pick your child from school? Do you remember struggling to tear them away from the games? When a child is playing, every part of them involved. They have fun, mindlessly. This state of being is the best place to inject life lessons that the child will grow up with.

During the after-school care in Taylorsville, you can play some of the games and bond with your child. Other than the immediate benefit, you rest knowing that your kid has learned one more life lesson. Here are four games to try out:

Duck, Duck, Goose

You want your child to grow up with the ability to strategize. It will serve them well either during a teenage chess tournament or in a business meeting during their adult life. This game teaches them exactly that.

The players sit around a circle, and one child goes round on the outside touching every head and saying ‘duck’ every time they do. Eventually, they are to select one child who will be the ‘goose.’

They both run through the circumference of the circle with the first kid trying to take the place of the second before they are caught. If this happens, ‘goose’ continues the game. With this game, children get to consider several factors before selecting ‘goose.’

They need to learn to pick someone who gives them a chance to sit without being tagged. They learn to plan after seeing the consequences of their choices.

Musical Chairs

Here, children are equipped in conflict resolution. Chairs are set to form a circle with one seat less than the children playing. They dance around the chairs when the music starts and aim to sit when it stops. The one who remains standing is out of the game.

You reduce one chair and resume the game until you have a winner. Your little ones will learn to handle the frustration that comes with losing. Hopefully, after some practice, they learn to lose graciously but to fight valiantly. Have a grown-up close by to help when the kids are unable to solve their arguments.

kids clapping while playing simon says

Simon Says

Play this game to teach your kids to follow instructions. In the game, whatever ‘Simon says,’ must be obeyed. Those who fail to obey quickly discover their disregard for instruction, or their short attention spans.

Row Your Boat

It is important that children are self-aware as they grow. They will be able to track their progress and improve. This game works on awareness of self on a physical level.

You pair players and ask them to face one another and bend their knees in front with their hands held. They are then to rock while singing the song. They soon learn to work with one another and to control their bodies.

Playing with kids can be more than fun. It is an excellent way to create an environment where the child is empowered to learn. Next time you think they are just enjoying themselves, you can cultivate some patience in yourself knowing that they are being equipped for adulthood.