Practical Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Practical Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Mom and daughter lying on the grassBeing a mom is a calling. It takes a lot of sacrifices and requires a lot of planning. You can easily run into depression. It can be super overwhelming to look after kids, run a successful career, manage a home, and take care of your spouse and yourself. Make your busy schedule manageable you could do the following practical tips to manage your time.

Look for professional help

However much you would like to do it all by yourself, it is not possible considering your busy schedule. Look for professionals to help you in the house. You can hire a cleaner to come once every week to thoroughly clean your home. For time-consuming tasks like cleaning your grout in your kitchen and bathroom tiles, you can get a tile grout cleaning companies to do it at least once every three months. There are so many professional cleaners who deal with different services so take advantage of them. After all, you are working so that you lead a comfortable life.

Forget perfection and embrace reality

There is no award for being the perfect mother of the year. Neither will your kids even acknowledge that you are breaking your back cleaning after them. They will still litter, clutter and throw everything around. So, quit looking for perfection whether at home or work.

Always work with a to-do list

As soon as you wake up in the morning, plan your day. Go through your day mentally and come up with a to-do list for all the tasks that await your attention. Start with the most urgent to the least. Of course, there will be things that will come up in between, but at least you know what tasks await you for the rest of the day.

Quit multitasking

Mom working while carrying her childWhile multitasking is a woman’s natural gift, but it can work to your disadvantage. Naturally, women perform better when they are focused on one thing at a time. So, try and to complete one task and then move to the next one. This way, you will end up doing more and doing them well.

It is okay to say “No.”

It is all right to say no to an after-shift assignment, extra work projects, PTA meetings or family events. It does not make you a selfish person, but an assertive one. This is a tough skill to acquire, but once you learn it, you will free up a lot of time for yourself and save you a lot of stress.

Learn the power of delegation

Delegating may seem as though you are relinquishing your control or power, but it is saving you a great deal of time and energy. For tasks that don’t require much of your input, delegate to someone you can trust and then focus on those that are sensitive.

Stop shouldering other people’s worries

Quit carrying other people’s work or concerns. While it may seem like a kind gesture, you are overburdening yourself. Teach your kids to be responsible and stick to that. If they fail to spread their bed or do their laundry on time, ignore them and let them do in their own time.

Being a mother is a blessing, but it also takes a lot of guts and wisdom. Know how to handle your time, and you can have more fun as you carry on your daily tasks.