Importance of Having a Jail Management Software

Importance of Having a Jail Management Software

Jail Management Like other similar software, a jail management software (JMS) is a huge investment for any organization. Apart from the cost of procuring the actual software, the integration and personnel training also add to the expenses. However, the ROI from this investment benefits not only the prison but also the city and its local governance. Here are the key advantages of pursuing a JMS acquisition.

  • Electronic Reports

The ability to pull stored information related to the detainee’s past records is a huge time-saver in administrative work, explains an expert from eFORCE Software. For instance, instead of going through files or asking other departments, you can simply type in the name of the incarcerated individual and all pertinent information combines into the creation of the person’s true snapshot. This can be done by multiple authorized users, enabling administrative tasks to be completed faster.

  • Improved Safety

The ability to dramatically improve both security and safety inside the prison is one of the most important benefits of having a JMS. Inmates have varying levels of risk. The software analyzes the detainees’ criminal background data and helps officers in determining where to house inmates based on their risk levels.

  • Support for Operations

JMS fastens administrative work through automation. In turn, it supports the entire prison operations to become more efficient. The web-based solutions in JMS can be used as an operational support tool. Authorized personnel can access inmate information and other data using their smartphones and iPads.

  • Helps in Crime Mapping

When JMS is integrated into a Records Management Software or RMS, it improves tracking of high-risk detainees. For instance, new inmates can be monitored closely and the fully integrated JMS can help officials find individuals who are related to the newcomers and particular crimes. This is especially useful when investing gang-related cases.

The user-friendly interface of the web-based solution enables authorized personnel to become more effective in their posts as well as support a large crime-fighting campaign in their cities. JMS can be used in not only managing prisons but also in helping law enforcement initiatives.