The True Importance of Horse Management

The True Importance of Horse Management

When it comes to roping, you always have to remember that your horse is your best friend and that they will help you succeed with the sport as long as you take care of them the right way. The ones who win competitions are not only good with their techniques, but they also make sure to take good care of their horse and give them the attention they deserve to win those competitions that they work hard for.

Here, we will discuss how proper horse management can impact your career and why you should not focus on just the equipment and the horse bits. Yes, these are important, but so is taking good care of your horse.

Your horse can get burnt out, too

Horses are just like us, and they can get burnt out and tired as well. Roping without letting your horse rest is like setting yourself up for failure. Let them rest and let them sleep if they need to. Don’t practice with them all day — instead, allot just a few hours for practice (about two to three hours) each day — and let them rest if they need to. Horses that have enough rest and sleep are more attentive and energetic and can help you win a competition eventually.

Train your horse yourself

Now, this one’s a tip for those folks who have enough time to train and grow their horses. If you find yourself wanting to enter a roping competition right away and you have no time to train your horse, then it would be best for you to buy a trained one.

However, training the horse yourself can keep you both accustomed to one another. This way, you would know how to properly handle your horse when the need arises. Your horse will also grow to learn your tricks, making it easier for both of you to get along with each other.

Buy and train a couple of horses

Woman grooming horse in the stallIf you want to enter and win roping competitions, then it would be best for you to buy and train a couple of horses. At least half a dozen would be ideal so you would have practice horses and horses that you would use for competitions.

You would most likely need a younger and greener horse that you can use for competitions, a few horses for practice, a couple of other ones for long-score rodeos and ropings, and a few more for short scores. Only a few horses can handle everything at once, so if you want to excel, then consider buying and training at least half a dozen horses.

Learn to communicate with them

As mentioned, learning how to properly communicate with your horse is important, especially if you want to win. Take a hard and long look at your horse when practicing with them so you would know how to communicate with them. This way, you would know what makes them tick and what keeps them up on their feet. Take a look at their behavior and customize your techniques with it.

Always listen to the professional and seasoned ones when it comes to roping. You will learn a lot from them, including taking care of your horse and managing them properly.