What You Must Know Before You Go Horseback Riding

What You Must Know Before You Go Horseback Riding

Are you excited to finally do horseback riding? Good for you! Not only will you get to spend quality time with such a magnificent creature. But you may also discover your love for the sport and start your career out of it. But before you start, you must do a little research before you begin riding horses.

You may be the type who loves horses in general, and the smell of a barn may not stop you from trying horseback riding. However, there are lots of things worth knowing before you even ride your first horse. The following are some of the must-knows to keep in mind.

An excellent mentor is a must

One piece of crucial advice for every beginner is to never ride a horse unattended. Find yourself a mentor who will not only teach you how to ride a horse safely but also ensure that you learn particular things. Some examples are how to bond with the horse, what horse riding equipment you will need to wear, and how to choose appropriate horse saddles. Learn about the possible hazards and what to do in case something happens while you are out horseback riding. Your mentor can even teach you how to read a horse’s mind and how to speak with your horse.

You will need to be in sync with the horse

equestrianYou may be the one controlling the reins. But that does not mean you control the horse you are riding. Remember that horses are prey animals by nature. If they sense danger, they will try their best to remove themselves from the situation and run.

Understand that the best way to make the most out of your horseback riding experience is to learn how to be in sync with the horse. Always stay calm, let them rock you while they walk, and avoid resisting. Let your horse be but, of course, with restrictions.

Master the walk before exploring the other gaits

Aside from walking, horses can canter, trot, and gallop. But before you explore their other gaits, it would be best to stick with the walk first. It does not matter how fast you get to learn and master it. Safety should always be your number one priority when it comes to horseback riding. Take it easy and enjoy the moment instead of trying to impress others with your fast-learning abilities.

Do your research

Learning about horseback riding can also come by doing your research. These days, books and magazines are not your only sources of knowledge. You have the Internet, blogs, and even horseback riding video tutorials that allow you to study the do’s and don’t’s of riding horses. Take advantage of the free resources as there is so much to learn in and out of the field.

Horseback riding has many benefits. Not only is it a fun activity and a magnificent sport, but it also has health benefits, such as improved mental wellness, better posture, increased core strength, and calorie-burning effect. With the perks you can enjoy while horseback riding, it is no wonder why many can’t wait to try it out. However, before you start, it pays to learn a thing or two so that you can make the most out of your experience.