The Best Benefits of Working from Home for Your Employees

The Best Benefits of Working from Home for Your Employees

Many companies are opening their doors to remote workers: those who do not have to go to the office and, instead, do their work from the comforts of their home. The traditional setting is becoming less popular among businesses both big and small.

It is not difficult to transition your team from working inside an office and start working from home. By integrating your current system to the cloud, you and your employees will have access to data and programs anywhere you are in the world. If you are technologically-inept, you can ask ServiceNow implementation services for help for a seamless integration.

Here are the benefits of working from home for your employees:

No Commuting

The first and, perhaps, most appealing perk of working from home is cutting out commuting. Your team no longer has to get ready, drive their car or take a bus, and deal with traffic jams to get to work. They only have to walk toward their desk to start accomplishing their tasks for the day.

This is ideal for businesses that operate in big cities where traffic continues to worsen every year. They would not waste so much of their time sitting inside their vehicles every day, time that could be spent with family or improving their skills.

In addition, working from home will save your employees money in the long run. They no longer have to pay for gas and public transportation.

Work-Life Balance

Now that there no longer is a need to leave the house and commute to work, many employees free up several hours from their day to spend on whatever they want. People who work from home enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

For many, a work-life balance is more important than receiving a higher income. When you have a full-time job, it is hard to make time for strengthening personal relationships and enjoying hobbies. People who work all the time are likely to experience stress and burnout and overall feel less satisfied.

If you care about the well-being of your employees, you should encourage them to have a healthy work-life balance.

Increased Productivity

productive at home

People feel comfortable inside their own respective spaces. In a survey conducted in 2012, remote workers said that the benefits of working from home include a less stressful environment, a quieter atmosphere, fewer distractions, and increased productivity. That may be because there are fewer people around and, therefore, less movement and less chatter in the background. Working from home will also likely result in reduced numbers of meetings that could have been an email.

A Stanford study conducted over two years found that employees who work from home were significantly more productive, took shorter breaks, and had fewer sick days.

This model may not be suitable for everybody. Having a personal computer and a secure Wi-Fi, unless provided by the company, are necessities. Some people may not like to work from home because they share the space with other people or they prefer face-to-face interactions with their coworkers. In addition, those who work from home may feel isolated and lonely.

However, for many, working from home may be more ideal. You, as a business owner, will have fewer expenses because you no longer have to rent an office to house your staff. Before making the transition, talk to your team. Discuss their personal preferences and figure out ways to make the new setup work for them.