Temporary Escape: A Stress-Free Outdoor Space for Your Employees

Temporary Escape: A Stress-Free Outdoor Space for Your Employees

Stress-Free Outdoor Space for Your Employees

You can even take this up a notch and provide your office in New York with a landscape architecture space where they can work if they want to. MPFP notes that a change in surroundings can trigger creativity, promote collaboration and improve their mood. Below are work-smart factors you might want to include on this new architectural project:


Your mind is your limit when developing an outdoor space for your team. Try to incorporate divisions outdoors by using plants as privacy. This way, you can close off quiet sitting areas from high-traffic streets and busy pedestrian walkways. You can even create a sense of privacy by using free-standing walls made of stone, metals or wood; hardscape retaining walls; evergreens; and trellises with climbing plants.

Wi-Fi and Electrical Outlets

Be flexible enough to allow your employees to work in your outdoor space, and they will need electrical outlets and Wi-Fi. They can choose to use this space as a temporary escape or an inspirational workspace.

Flexible Seating

Offer your team different kinds of seats – chairs with tables, or benches. You can get aluminum chairs that come in different colors or designs to bring a modern touch to the space. Select furniture that is flexible enough to be moved from one area to another and those that are built for individual work environments or group meetings.

You know that finding quality, talented employees is difficult. Do everything you can to retain them and make them feel that the company values their hard work. Businesses usually have a great competitive advantage when their employees have outdoor spaces to create, convene, reflect and recharge.