Have Yourself a Stress-free Holiday

Have Yourself a Stress-free Holiday

The holidays are fast approaching. Depending on one’s perspective, it could be a merry time or a stressful one. People look forward to rest and time well spent with family. But the preparations, expectations, and all the invitations can drain a person. The best way to enjoy the holidays is to simplify them. How will you achieve this? Here are some suggestions:

Specify and Agree on Plans

Have every family member involved in the planning. Do you want a French chateau holiday this year? Or do you want to go on a ski trip? What food and activities will everybody enjoy? When you take this approach, there will be fewer expectations and frustrations. Everybody will be on the same page. Even kids must have a say, too.

Also, this strategy works best with grown children living far from their parents. When they know the plans beforehand, they can adjust their schedules. Open communication leads to happier times.

Unplug to Connect

This is the digital era. Holidays are special times where everybody is present. This is the best time to connect. The best way to do that is to unplug—unplug from technology and work. Unplug from school assignments or projects.

While it is tempting to check your email for work instructions, refrain from doing so. If you really need to, do it in the early morning or late at night. While it is appealing to finish that mobile game, don’t. Think of your loved ones eager to spend time with you. Lastly, it may be irresistible to capture picture-perfect moments for your social media. But tuck that phone away. Be in the moment. As much as possible, be on technology and work hiatus.

Revisit or Start Christmas Traditions

Most families have one or a couple. It could be decorating the tree together or baking that pie from great-grandma’s recipe book. These traditions set a family apart from others. Traditions also bring a family closer. Sometimes, the dynamics of families change. Examples are less mobility of parents or children living far from home.

You can revisit your Christmas traditions and see if they are still relevant. Your family is more important than tradition. You would not want it to spark tension if one could not keep up with it. You may tweak it a little if you want to keep it. Or you may start a new one.

For young families, this is the perfect time to start one. Let your children be excited about the coming holidays because of special traditions.

Build Lasting Memories

Young couple traveling

Do something extraordinary—something that will still be the star of stories even years from now. It may be profound, exciting, or humorous. Every year should be like this. It does not have to be expensive or elaborate. An activity for a day or a few hours that everybody will enjoy and remember will suffice. Families build and maintain their connections through special moments. These moments make lasting memories.

Cut Your Excess

Holidays are the time to splurge. Wrong! For a less stressful holiday, be mindful of your habits. Do not overspend on food, gifts, and even alcohol consumption. You may use the holidays as an excuse to indulge. But you have to deal with the repercussions after. To make life simpler, control wasteful habits.

The holidays can be simple and straightforward. It all depends on how to perceive them and work around the details. Make this one a no-stress holiday for you and your family.