Designing a Coworking Space

Designing a Coworking Space

modern design of office work spaceIn Australia, coworking space is a booming industry. According to the Australian Coworking Market Report for 2017 to 2018, there were 26 per cent more coworking locations in the country than in 2017.

Renting coworking spaces offers advantages to individuals and small businesses. Coworking gives start-ups a faster and simpler way to rent an office at a reduced cost. Instead of having an office fit out, start-ups can simply rent a space that’s already furnished. Freelancers also benefit from coworking as they can work anywhere at any time.

A well-designed coworking space helps boost productivity and motivation. When designing your coworking space, consider the following factors:


The layout of each coworking space will depend on your clients, their work style and their privacy needs. Individual freelancers can choose to work in shared areas or book a private area, while start-ups and teams that meet frequently will often opt for an open workstation.

With a variety of clientele that comes and goes, the safest option is to offer various office workstations for your coworking space. Add a communal area where clients can mingle and brainstorm. Offer private desks and shared spaces to cater to different kinds of freelancers. Private offices and meeting rooms will also help your clients facilitate meetings and negotiations.

Interior Design

Coworking spaces are where people from various fields come together and work at their best. The coworking space needs to be lively to inspire professionals to come up with creative ideas. A well-designed office also helps clients increase their productivity.

The key to inspiring innovation is by making workers feel like they’re not in a traditional office setting. Add personality to the space by installing artwork, inspirational quotes and playful accessories on the walls. Plant life also adds to the aesthetic of the office in addition to reducing stress.

creatives team collaborating on a design

Office Necessities and Services

Coworking spaces are not just places for professionals to lease out for work. They must also encourage clients to work there because they are convenient. Providing office services like printing, photocopying and scanning help minimise your clients’ administrative costs.  Other services you can offer are reception facilities and an on-site IT team.

Internet connection is a vital part of what a coworking space offers, as most of a coworker’s tasks are dependent on connectivity. Subscribe to a reliable broadband Internet plan and offer a hardwired connection option for clients with jobs that require heavy Internet usage. Also, add outlets on tables and other places where people can conveniently charge their devices.

Other Amenities

Adding amenities to your coworking space helps improve productivity, promote community and bring an element of fun. Basic amenities include coffee and snacks stations. You can also add game rooms and wellness rooms that promote workers’ wellness. Some coworking locations offer shower services where workers can freshen up before heading to a meeting.

Coworking spaces create an environment for freelancers and start-ups to build thriving careers. With the abovementioned factors in mind, you can create a shared space that professionals will be inspired to work in.