Self-Storage: Using Rental Space Wisely

Self-Storage: Using Rental Space Wisely

Self Storage FacilityStorage companies are a quite a common sight in many cities and they provide customers a place to store items for a fee. Some of these items are heirlooms, vital office documents, expensive equipment, furniture, and other things for which there is no space in a home or office.

Self-storage facilities have warehouse areas of different sizes to accommodate the differing needs of clients.

Security and Health Safety

Whether it is a national chain or a local storage company, almost every storage facility comes equipped with alarm and surveillance systems. Store-All (WA) says that each self-storage unit has high-grade locks and cleaned well before use.

Some storage staff live on the premises and receive extensive training to work with customers from all backgrounds. Storage companies also offer competitive rates along with packing materials like bubble wrap, packing tape, boxes of all sizes, mattress and furniture pads so that items are secure and undamaged.

Climate Control

Customers can choose a climate-controlled unit or just a regular one at any self-storage facility. Climate-controlled units help keep items like paintings, electronic items, musical instruments, furniture and documents safe from mould and mildew.


Storage companies usually suggest that customers use plastic boxes to store items for visibility and easy access. For corporate clients, they use pallets to store paper and documents for efficient use of space. Pallets also keep air circulating and prevent moulds.

Depending on the space a client rents, organising a self-storage unit well is important to find items.  Labelling boxes and placing heavy ones at the bottom is good advice.

Most storage companies work with movers to help people who need comprehensive services, such as packing, unpacking, and storage for reasonable rates. It pays to check what kind of insurance policies a storage facility carries as this decides whether to rent a unit with a particular company. Managers at such facilities offer information on rentals.


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