Cover Me and My Money: Outdoor Awnings That Save Money

Cover Me and My Money: Outdoor Awnings That Save Money

Outdoor awnings are secondary covering connected to the exterior portion or the wall of the building. It consists of a variety of materials, such as canvas, vinyl, cotton or polyester yarn stretched tightly on top of a light structure such as aluminium, steel, plastic or wood.

Outdoor awnings provide not just a functional purpose, but also enhance the outdoor appearance of the structure. Its function is similar to blinds; for example, blinds in Perth, WA, are useful due to the city’s variable climate.

Look at the various ways awnings can trim costs:

  1. Reduced Energy CostsAwnings

    – outdoor awnings allow homeowners or establishments the ability to control the weather whenever they want. Especially, during hot summer months, electricity costs skyrocket because of increased use of air conditioning.

According to a recent study, outdoor awnings can reduce heat gain inside a property by as much as 77%. At the same time, it reduces sunlight and glare through the window by as much as 94%.

On cold days, you can simply retract the awning to provide heating as needed. The natural heat from the sun can save heating costs.

  1. Increased Overall Efficiency

    – In an office setting, when you place outdoor awnings to reduce sun exposure, the effect is an increase of efficiency with your workers. This prevents sunlight-related drop in productivity such as squinting and uncomfortable heat. Increased worker productivity equals lesser delays and labour costs.

  1. Expands Your Space

    – when you use outdoor awnings, you can utilise your patio or deck more effectively. You do not have to rent a facility just to have an outdoor party, because it is too hot where you are.

An outdoor awning takes advantage of your available space and in effect adds value to the property. Outdoor awnings provide you with shade when you need it and sun exposure when you feel like it – perfect for areas with varying weather patterns. Definitely, a win-win situation.


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