Single and Double Storey House Extensions for Better Living

Single and Double Storey House Extensions for Better Living

2-Storey HouseWhen your family grows in number, you will need more living space in your home. You might consider moving into a larger home, but this could lead to some new concerns. Besides, moving to another location will also mean a new lifestyle and different surroundings and neighbours.

All this can be avoided as your home can also grow with your family, as explains. There are many builders in Perth who can help you in constructing these extensions; it could be a new child’s room, renovation of the lounge area, or even adding rooms in the upper levels of a two storey house.

These extensions should be built in the same style and with the same material as the original building. These professionals can assess your current house and advise you on how best to work on the project.

The types of extensions possible and factors to keep in mind
  • You can have an extra bedroom or bathroom built for your teenager. This will give them more private space to entertain friends and also during critical school work.
  • Your architects and building professionals can get you the necessary permission from the local planning regulatory bodies, if necessary.
  • If your home cannot grow horizontally, it can vertically. If your property is not very large and if the laws do not permit you to add space on the ground floor, you can add another storey.
  • But it can be a challenge and you will need professional planning. The aim should be to enhance the living space while keeping the original structure of the building intact.
  • The professionals will gauge the structure and advise you on how such an extension can be made possible. The additional weight of the upper level should be planned in such a way that the current structure is able to handle the pressure.
  • If you can manage this then the extensions in the upper level will provide more storage and living space and also bring in more light. This level can also provide you with an awesome view of the skyline and the natural surroundings.

Adding extensions to your current dwelling is a good idea, as long as you follow the laws and hire a good builder to carry out the work, according to your requirements. Apart from the additional space, you will also increase the resale value of your property with these additions.


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