4 Unique and Cool House Extensions that Boost Properties’ Value

4 Unique and Cool House Extensions that Boost Properties’ Value

Living RoomResidential extensions refer to additional living space that serve as extra rooms or areas for certain functions. Couples planning to have children or bring their elderly parents with them are usually the ones in need of extra space.

If you’re looking for ideas for house extensions, GranDesignsWA.com.au shares some of the most elegant and unique designs that ensure function and improved overall design:

Retro-futuristic Extension

An architectural firm designed a property in Belgium by adding a curved copper-clad extension that exudes a maritime feel because of its overall appeal. When the extension is placed on a farmhouse, it looked like a mini boat with windows that are placed on ships. This extension’s function is to hold a bathroom, a foyer and an additional bedroom. The design gives a nostalgic feel that would lend a warm touch to a contemporary glass wall.

Cloud House Extension

This extension is connected to a 1930s house. Contrary to its name, the extension has a dark exterior with exposed wood. The black wood panels are connected from the roof area to the wall and up to the patio deck’s floors. Its interiors, however, is painted in white colour, which contrasted the exterior. Its appeal gives a warm and relaxing space for the property’s occupants.

Glass Extension

Glass extensions have been a favourite among many property owners because of their elegant effect that seems to match every property design. An example is a glazed extension attached to a 17th-century property in Oxford. It serves as a dining area and a space in between the main house and the garden. It has a light-coloured interior with space made to appear larger because of elegant lighting.

Angled Extension

An angled extension utilises angled sides like triangular roofs and steep architectural elements like the one designed in Australia. With the angled side made from black-coloured wood panels, the goal of installing this extension is to screen the property and its occupants from the overlooking side of a nearby structure that was planned to be built at that time.

Professionals in placing house extensions can propose the best designs and materials to meet clients’ requirements. Consult an expert for your home extension project to make sure it will work according to your requirement.


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