Unexpected Approach: Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Inspirations

Unexpected Approach: Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Inspirations

wedding bouquetWeddings are always romantic no matter the ceremony followed. These days, however, more couples are trying tointroduce new twists on traditional notions. While conventional ideas and conceptswill always work, this doesn’t mean that you should always follow them. Sometimes, it is best to break the rules and follow what your heart truly desires.

One of the coolest ways to express your individuality isby choosing a unique a bridal bouquet. Flowers and weddingsalways go together, so you can look for sweet inspirations that will set you above the rest. Here are a few creative flower ideas that challenge old concepts:

Silky Blooms

Silk flowers are an excellent choice if you want a post-wedding remembrance that will not wilt or fade. Lilies,orchids, roses, violets, gardenias, and pansies are some of the best custom-made flowers. Fauxfloral arrangements and other accents can also make your bouquet more interesting. Depending on the bouquet size and quality of the flowers, silky blooms can save or cost you more.

Pine Cone Bouquet

These woody fruits are one of the best materials for making DIY accessories and decorations. Pinecones have a unique look that can turn ordinary objectsinto something distinctively beautiful. It is now easy to order a custom bouquet made of pinecone flowers to spice up your wedding. This can also save you time and money, while introducing a unique concept to your wedding.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers mightseem like a cheap alternative to genuine blooms, but the reality is that theyoffer endless options. You can make a wedding bouquet out of old books, vintage music sheets, or just plain colored paper. Paper flowers give you the opportunity to design a truly unique bouquet that expresses your personality.

Map Bouquet

For a truly unique wedding bouquet, you can turn maps into simple flowers. Do this by picking out a map of a place that has a special meaning to you and your hubby-to-be and turn them into roses. Be sure to chooseskilled craftsmen that can transform recycled maps into unique blooms.

Make your wedding all the more memorablewith these flower ideas. Stunning wedding bouquets can be made from recycled and sustainable materials, ensuring you haveflowers that can live forever.Make sure to select your craft person carefully for quality alternative blooms that truly stand out.


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