Why a Loft Conversion is Cheaper Than Moving to a New House

Why a Loft Conversion is Cheaper Than Moving to a New House

Loft Space

It feels good to have a house that provides everything you need. Every space serves a purpose and nothing is useless. Even the attic can be converted into something that will add value to the property. Homeowners in the UK should consider a loft conversion project instead of selling their property and moving to a new place, due to the high cost of paying stamp duty bills. The type of conversion, however, will determine the costs of the entire project.

The place where you live will also be a factor for the actual price. For instance, a loft conversion in Surrey may be cheaper than a similar project in London in terms of contractor’s professional rates and cost of materials. This could be a good opportunity to improve the property’s value and appearance. Taylor’d Loft Conversions shares some insights to help you gain a better understanding of the importance of this project and the costs associated with it.

Project Costs

The size of your planned home extension will primarily determine the cost. For instance, a basic loft conversion starts at £15,000. This may involve remodelling your attic for an additional space, which is otherwise called room in roof conversion.

A dormer loft extension is similar to a room in roof expansion, but with the addition of windows. It will cost more than £20,000, but the usual price may reach up to £45,000 for a double-bedroom loft conversion. Take note that restructuring your roof will easily increase the overall price and some homeowners may spend up to £60,000 when planning to do so. The cost will also increase if you want to change the layout, increase the size of the room or add a bathroom to the area you want to convert.

Value-Added Strategy


A Nationwide Building Society study showed that a three-bedroom, one-bathroom loft conversion may increase your property’s value by around 20 per cent. This is another reason some people prefer remodelling their house before putting it on the market. Some other people are buying homes and improving them before selling to make a good profit.

However, a project should be well-executed for a home extension to add any significant value to your property. The quality of work will affect the outcome of the project. Be sure to use high-quality building materials to ensure the integrity of your structure. You could choose to hire an architect, an interior designer or a design-build company. The latter is a good choice for homeowners who prefer paying an all-inclusive price for different services. That means you will pay just one bill for all the services you need for the project from start to finish.

When choosing a service provider for loft conversions, it is best to ask for at least three quotes from different companies to compare the prices. A full-service renovator is a good option, as they can assist you in planning, managing and executing a project. You could ask for recommendations or talk to the companies’ previous clients to get a feel of their services.