How to Gain Enough Head Space in Your New Loft

How to Gain Enough Head Space in Your New Loft

Headspace for loft conversionBuilding a new room in your house can take a lot of time, money, and effort. There are lots of things to consider, too, such as getting the right contractor to do it, making sure if it complies with the building regulations in your area, and so much more.

Because of this, many people decide to get loft conversions instead. It’s much more practical, plus, you would not have to think about certain things that you would have to when having a whole new room built.

Here are a few tips on how you can gain a lot of head space. Consider these in your loft conversions in West Wickham.

1. Use the right type of furniture.

Avoid using extremely tall furniture, as this can make your loft feel and look a lot smaller. Opt for furniture that has multiple uses instead so you can save space in your loft.

Lighting also plays a big role in this, even though it is basically just an illusion. Make sure to allow as much extra light as you can to have the room appear bigger than it really is.

2. Extend the floor level.

Now, this one can be a little bit more tedious than the first tip that we have given you. If you really are serious with increasing the head space in your new loft, then go ahead and have the contractors extend the floor level.

3. Replace your attic’s roof.

This is another big project, so make sure that you are a hundred percent ready to undergo this transition. The contractors would have to demolish your attic’s roof in order to be able to replace it, which means that it is possible that you would need some planning consent before undergoing this project. Ask your local government and see if you need to submit anything before doing so.

The good news about roof extensions though is that you get to enjoy a whole new huge head space after the whole project is finished.

Always do your research and see if you are willing to have your attic open for a while or you just want to work with illusions for more head space.