5 Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Solutions

5 Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Solutions

luxury bathroomFaucets and sinks are a home investment. Therefore, you need expert plumbing services to handle installation and repair.

And when it comes to prices, here are some of the ridiculously expensive kitchen and bath solutions that their owners should leave at the hands of the experts, like Perry Plumbing.

1. 24-karat Gold Sink

This gold sink with several diamond pieces as accents is a custom piece, all for $80,000. The design company offered personalized designs with the client’s choice of gemstones. They can also choose from gold finish options like yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Weighing about 23 kilograms, plumbers will have the work cut out for them on this sink’s weight alone.

2. 24-karat Gold Toilet

A part of a tech company’s bathroom exhibition, this gold toilet consists of 24-karat gold and accented with several gems. The entire showroom is shimmering in gold as all tiles, sinks, doors and even trash bins are made from the same material. Reports have it that the total price of the golden bathroom is around $29 million, but the toilet’s value alone is approximately $5 million.

3. Premium Faucets and Fixtures

Fixtures like faucet and mini hoses in kitchens and bathrooms are supposedly the cheapest items in designing this part of the house. An example of a premium fixture set costs around $3,400. What you’ll get is a set of chrome fixtures inspired by French country kitchen circa 1920s.

4. The Grand Bathtub

A young designer carved a tub out of 10-ton Caijou, a one of a kind gemstone with healing features. The elegant tub has a fancy shade that works well in luxury bathrooms. The tub sold for $1.7 million, making it the most expensive tub yet. While exorbitant, the price was well worth it considering Caijou’s top-secret source, elegant appeal, and healing benefits.

5. A Shower that Bathes People

This special shower will do the bathing for you. This shower room has 18 shower nozzles at car-wash grade. High pressure of water will definitely clean every part of your body without lifting a finger. The high-tech and computer-operated shower costs approximately $100,000 and will do the cleaning except for your windows and kitchen sink.

The fixtures you’ll purchase will probably be not as expensive as the aforementioned products. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t hire experts to do the installation for you. Hire expert plumbers in San Diego to ensure quality installation or top caliber product recommendation according to your design preference.


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