Pressure-Balanced Shower Faucets: Safer Baths for Everyone

Pressure-Balanced Shower Faucets: Safer Baths for Everyone

‘Shut off that water quick!’ Is that something that’s often thrown around in your house when someone is in the bathroom or uses water in the kitchen or laundry area? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to ask your trusted plumber for a few repairs. In particular, see if he can change the shower faucet in your house to a pressure balance one., one of San Diego’s leading plumbing companies, discusses why you may need to switch:

No More Scalding

A pressure-balanced shower faucet can provide water at an almost constant temperature. This will happen regardless of whether another faucet has been turned on, causing a fluctuation in the pressure in the hot or cold water supply line.

For example, without a pressure-balanced faucet, you’ll experience a sudden increase in hot water supply when you’re using the shower and someone pushes the toilet flush. As the cold water drawn has significantly increased during a toilet flush, the water temperature in the shower might increase to dangerous levels, putting you at great risk of scalding. But, with a pressure-balanced shower faucet, you won’t experience getting scalded when using the shower. This is because the pressure balance valve will reduce the supply of hot water to match the cold water and maintain the temperature at a constant level.

Shower head

No More Freezing

Conversely, if someone opens a hot water faucet somewhere in the house, you can expect cold water from the shower until that faucet is turned off. Again, a pressure-balanced shower faucet can come to your rescue.

Safer Showers for Infants and Elderly

Pressure-balanced shower faucets can maintain a constant temperature in the shower to help infants and elderly people against pressure fluctuations.

So, get a pressure-balanced shower faucet installed soon and enjoy an anti-scald shower all the time.