5 Things that can Ruin Your Spa Treatment

5 Things that can Ruin Your Spa Treatment

A visit to your local spa is a relaxing and wonderful experience, and it is a tempting proposition for overworked and stressed people. There are some surprising things that can ruin it for you, however. Before you go to one, read this list and find out what you need to avoid. This will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits spas have to offer.

1. Allergies and skin reactions –Many spas use oils, lotions, and powders to enhance your experience. Occasionally, however, people with sensitive skin will have allergic reactions to these substances. To avoid this, let the practitioners know about any skin issues you have before the treatment begins. They will work around the problem, possibly by choosing an alternate product or method to fit your needs.

2. Infection –Reputable spas place a high value on hygiene, and for good reason. Bacteria and fungi thrive in hot, oxygenated water. An example of a disease that can easily be caught in a poorly maintained spa is Legionnaire’s disease, which CleanAir UK and other hygiene specialists can check for. Make sure that the spa you’re going to takes proper safety precautions.

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3. Ineffective or harmful treatments –Spas have a reputation for sometimes offering outlandish claims, and you need to be realistic with your expectations. Treatments that promise to remove cellulite often only work temporarily, and others can even be counter-productive depending on the circumstances. Claustrophobic patients should avoid full body seaweed wraps, as these will be very stressful.

4. Rough handling – It’s not uncommon for a spa treatment to be soured by an inexperienced or incompetent practitioner, who treat their clients far too rough. Thankfully, this is easy enough to fix by communicating with your therapist, or by finding a professional willing and able to do the things you want.

5. Worsening medical conditions – There are some conditions that make going to a spa risky. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes should all be careful when visiting a spa. It’s always advised to inform the staff of any medical conditions you have, so spa workers can know what to do and what to avoid.

The best tip to avoid these risks is by going to a licensed and certified spa. Check their credentials, and read reviews to find out if they are truly committed to their craft.