Rallying the Troops: 3 Characteristics of Great Project Managers

Rallying the Troops: 3 Characteristics of Great Project Managers

Good project managers are very hard to find, more so great ones. It takes a special set of skills and characteristics to become a great project manager—it requires more than just the ability to move from one milestone to another.

Here are some of the features of great project managers that really turn ideas into realities:

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Delegates Tasks Fairly and Properly

Project managers should be able to trust their team, and this trust is often shown through size and amount of responsibilities they are willing to delegate. Managers also show trust through quality assurance, as well as to what extent they allow individuals in the team to participate. They also understand that while delegating tasks is good, assigning the right amount of responsibilities is equally important.

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Good Communicator

Project leaders are the team’s connection to the larger organization, so openness between both sides is important. Great project managers can effectively use resources, such as e-mails and status reports to communicate their opinions, ideas, goals, responsibilities, expectations, and feedback. Through good communication, project managers can create specific and efficient guidelines for carrying out a particular project.

Having good communication skills can also help managers negotiate with different types of clients and stakeholders.

Promotes Team Building

People can’t always choose whom to work with, and most probably, they do not spend time with one another outside of work. Despite different personal dynamics, project managers, as leaders, should be able to put strangers into a single working unit, and hold the team together toward a common goal. He or she must also be flexible and versatile in different situations, even when conflicts arise. The manager should also know about proper leadership styles to use during each stage of team development.

More than being able to utilize sound methodologies and project tools, one of the best attributes of a great project manager is the ability to bring out the best in a team, no matter how different individuals are from each other.


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