How Well Do You Know Your Teeth? 3 Things to Always Ask Your Dentist

How Well Do You Know Your Teeth? 3 Things to Always Ask Your Dentist

oral healthMost people overlook their teeth when thinking about health and disease prevention. Maintaining oral health, however, is important to prevent problems down the road. Bleeding gums, losing teeth in midlife, and chronic bad breath, is not a great picture.

Keep in mind that dentists are a great source of information concerning oral health and even the overall health. You should voice any concerns you may have. Get the most of your dental visit with the following questions you should always ask.

What can you do to improve my smile?

Whether it’s veneers, Invisalign, or dental implants, your dentist may help improve the health of your mouth. Remember, though, that they are not mind readers. They need to know any issues you are experiencing so they can provide you with the latest in oral care. Telling your dentist about chipped and damaged teeth, or any pain and discomfort, they can come up with solutions that may improve your daily comfort.

Is there any problem that I should tell my doctor?

Many health problems start in the mouth, as oral hygiene is linked to other body conditions. Inflamed gums can be a sign of diabetes; oral bacteria may cause heart diseases and stroke; changes inside your mouth can signal osteoporosis. Early detection is important, and initial signs may not be obvious to you. Your dentist may inform you of which symptoms you should tell your doctor.

What’s the overall status of my oral health?

Ask your dentist to give you an exam for the mouth area. This may include looking for any lumps or evaluating bone density. They can tell you if everything is functioning properly. If your mouth has a problem, they will begin the discussion on treatment options.

Today’s daily grind is getting busier and more stressful, making it difficult to get even an extra hour. Trying to set an appointment with your dentist in between work can be hard, so you have to make every moment count.


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