Visiting the Dentist for a Check-Up: What to Expect

Visiting the Dentist for a Check-Up: What to Expect

A Patient with His Regular Dental Check-upJust like regular health check-ups, dental check-ups are also an essential part of a preventive healthcare regime. During a dental examination, a dentist will evaluate the patient’s oral health, examine the head, neck and soft tissue and look for signs of gum disease or oral cancer. Dental check-ups also offer a great opportunity to get answers about specific oral health issues and receive proper oral hygiene.

The time between dental check-ups can vary from three months to two years, depending on the health of a patient’s teeth and gums, as well as the risk for future problems. Generally, though, patients are advised to visit the dentist at least twice a year in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises and keep their teeth and gums in optimal condition. An experienced dentist, such as those at RP Advanced Dental Care at NW3, will look for any signs of oral disease and prevent future problems.

What to Expect During a Routine Dental Examination

During a dental check-up, the dentist will likely ask questions about the general health of the patient and require information on the state of their teeth since their last visit. It is really important for patients to inform the dentist of any new or changed medications since their last check-up.

The dentist will then look into the mouth as well as the neck and carry out a thorough examination of the teeth, gums and soft tissue. If needed, certain patients may need to undergo additional tests or x-rays. Furthermore, the dentist will also check for any problems with fillings, braces, bridges, dentures, crowns, or other restorations.

The dentist will also ask about a patient’s lifestyle and provide valuable advice on diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and teeth cleaning in order to help them improve their oral health.

If there are any signs of dental problems, the dentist will offer advice about potential changes you could make and will also discuss a preventive treatment plan.

Even patients who brush and floss their teeth regularly, are advised to visit the dentist at regular intervals for dental check-ups and cleanings. This way, not only will they keep their teeth and gums clean but they will also protect their mouth from dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer.