Plastic Panels: A Safer Option to Glass

Plastic Panels: A Safer Option to Glass

Greenhouse owners around the UK are opting for polycarbonate sheets instead of traditional glass for their greenhouses. Polycarbonate sheets you can buy from UK suppliers are less expensive, making the initial cost of starting a greenhouse significantly cheaper.

Multi-wall sheets are very durable and require very little maintenance. Polycarbonate sheet suppliers will often offer a 10-20-year warranty on light transmission (their ability to stay transparent) and a 10-year warranty on hail damage.

Although cost and durability are significant factors, serious greenhouse owners opt for polycarbonate panels for different reasons. Polycarbonate panels disperse sunlight – spreading the light into every corner of the greenhouse. They also filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation that can cause damage to crops.

Multi-wall sheets provide excellent insulation – letting sunlight in and trapping the heat inside. If you want a clearer and more traditional look – single-layer polycarbonate sheets, which have the appearance of actual glass, are also available.

Modern plastic sheets will not shatter and leave dangerous shards lying about – especially important if you have toddlers in the house or hooligans in the neighbourhood.

Pool Fences and Enclosures

The UK has no strict laws or regulations regarding pool fencing, but the threat of accidents will often warrant one. High-end pool fencing structures will often use glass panels (often frame-less) to maximise the aesthetic effect and blend with a pool’s design using safety glass or acrylic.

While both options work well and are quite safe, they can be a bit pricey. Multi-wall and single-layer polycarbonate sheets offer the same degree of protection and safety but are immensely more affordable. Multi-wall sheets will give your fencing a frost-like appearance, and single-layer sheets will provide it with the same transparency as glass.

Another option for pool safety is enclosures. Polycarbonate pool enclosures cover the entire pool, providing an enclosed space that protects your pool from unwanted swimmers and the elements. Polycarbonate sheets are light and pliable, enabling them to be used in retractable pool enclosures.

If you opt for a permanent pool enclosure, the polycarbonate roofing will protect swimmers from UV. You won’t get a tan, but you won’t get sunburned (or skin cancer, for that matter).

Kids’¬†Room Windows and¬†Cabinets

Kids by the baby gate

Polycarbonate sheets are getting extensive use around the house. From kitchen cabinets to an alternative option to glass windows in places often hit by storms and hurricanes. One popular application for polycarbonate sheets is with regards to toddlers and kids.

Polycarbonate windows ensure that there will be no jagged shards in case of accidents. Polycarbonate sheets are extremely light, making them an ideal alternative to wood in making cabinets. Even if they tip over, the lighter weight will ensure a child’s safety.

Polycarbonate sheets are surpassing glass in utility in a multitude of aspects – mainly cost, safety, durability, or ease of installation and maintenance. In many ways, traditional glass is slowly being replaced by newer and more modern plastics.