A Little Living Room: Design Ideas to Trick the Eyes

A Little Living Room: Design Ideas to Trick the Eyes

If you’re into interior design, decorating your home can be truly exciting. But, this also means you understand how complex the process can be. It’s like building a puzzle. You have several pieces you need to put together to create a living space that looks and feels cohesive.

It can be a little overwhelming when you think about all the colors, textures, layouts and configurations you need to put together. This becomes even more challenging when you have limited space to work with.

If you have a small living room, for example, you have to consider how you’re going to fit all the basic furniture items in your available space, such as a long sofa, a coffee table, additional chairs for added comfort, and a TV.

Afterwards, you need to paint your walls and hang some fine art printing in your Salt Lake City, Utah home, throw pillows and warm blankets for your sofa, and some patterned curtains to make the windows look more alive.

Here’s a design guide on how you can make the most out of a tiny living room without making it feel cramped and cluttered:

Linear is the way to go

One trick to add a sense of structure to a small living room is by using different geometric and linear patterns and prints for all the design elements. Also, this approach will create an illusion of more length and width in your living room for the spacious feel.

Remember, your choice of lighting will also affect this design principle.

Mirror on the wall


When it comes to creating an illusion of a more spacious living room, designers usually go for high ceilings and large windows to create that effect. However, there is another option you can try – mirrors. By mounting a huge mirror on the wall right across your main window, you’ll be able to make the room look and feel a lot bigger.

But, if you don’t want a large mirror on your wall, you can simply put it behind a major light source in your living room. Doing so will amplify the amount of light that gets into your living room, making it look bigger and brighter.

You don’t need the ‘legs’

This design principle is for those who need additional storage and display surfaces. Lose all the “legs” of your bigger furniture pieces and make them all “float.” How? Use your walls! Attach as many units as possible directly on your wall to leave the floor area free.

With this trick, you make the illusion that there’s still more space left on the floor for decorating. This, in turn, can work as added storage spaces.

Add some touches of nature

Indoor plants add that homey feel to a living room. If you want that touch of nature at home where you can relax after a busy day at work, then get some small potted indoor plants for that warmth and tranquility. You can also go for plants that you can simply hang if you don’t have the extra floor space.

With this, you can still achieve the same effect.