Teenagers and Drug Use: Why They Do It

Teenagers and Drug Use: Why They Do It

Some have the misconception thinking that teens do drugs and alcohol because they are just bad and want to rebel all the time. This is partially true for a small percentage of teenagers. However, there is a substantial percentage that uses drugs for different reasons.

Knowing what these are allows you to provide the support a user needs. An expert from an inpatient rehab for teens from Utah cite the following reasons teenagers get involved in drugs.

Escape from Problems

Teens suffer from emotional swings for different reasons which may include divorce of parents, poor school performance, death in the family, loneliness and others. All these may lead to a search for an escape. Drugs may provide a form of escapism that shuns the outside world.

The substances they take make them feel energized and happy, emotions that allow them to live in their own world. Some will take prescription medicine, pain relievers, tranquilizers or stimulants to get the feeling they desire.

Relief from Boredom

Boredom and idle hands may lead to substance abuse. Teens are at risk for these because they simply have nothing to do that challenges their skills and allows them to grow. They turn to drugs and alcohol to kill time and experiment.

To avoid this, allow them to join extracurricular activities such as sports, art, debate, theater and other things they show interest in.

Bad Influence

Some teens feel lonely and want to be part of a group. They will do whatever it takes to fit in and find a clique to spend time and hang out with. When their friends start experimenting with drugs and mixing it with alcohol, a teen is likely to do the same without thinking of the repercussions and possibility of addiction.

They may spiral out of control once they start experiencing the high and satisfaction they don’t get from their other relationships.

Instant Gratification

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Some teens look for a quick fix that gives them immediate gratification. This is the type of feeling that drugs give. A user will feel instant satisfaction, elation, high and others once they use drugs. Once they get a taste of it, they will want to get more of it all the time.

This also leads to a higher dose just to get the same high.

Dealing with Low Self-Esteem

Teenagers go through various emotions as they grow up and when their hormones fluctuate. They may lack the confidence to be themselves and do things. This may lead to low self-esteem; this poor perception of themselves may cause them to experiment with drugs.

The high and the satisfaction they feel compensates for their lack of confidence.

Lose Weight Fast

Some teenage girls are so conscious about the way they look they are likely to try anything to lose weight and hit their target body type. They might turn to drugs like cocaine to burn fat and look slim.

These are some of the reasons teens do drugs. Knowing the signs of addiction and the reasons behind them, allow you to help your teen in the best way possible.