Dangerous Drug Claim: Filing for Just Compensation

Dangerous Drug Claim: Filing for Just Compensation

Medical form with words Medical Malpractice and gavelWhen you go for a medical appointment, in your mind you trust that the professional you are dealing with is qualified, certified, and licensed to work as a healthcare practitioner. But for one reason or another, sometimes their prescriptions fail to yield the expected results. When this happens, you may end up with more damage and bigger expenses.

If you have suffered injuries following a prescription error or medication mistake, here are some critical steps to take when claiming for the compensation you deserve:

Seek medical attention immediately.

If you suspect that you have been given the wrong prescription, don’t take strange symptoms or side effects lightly. Call for urgent care when necessary and make sure not to put it off for a later time. If you can make it to a hospital, get there as soon as you can. Be as honest as possible, so the doctor can make a realistic and factual documentation for your defense.

Keep relevant information about the drug

WebMD says that millions of individuals in the U.S. are harmed by medication errors every year. If you are one of these people, you will need solid and convincing shreds of evidence for your case. Therefore, it’s essential that you keep the drug, the receipts, the name of the attendant, and the prescriptions you were given. Provide a list of side effects you suffered from. Also, note the dates when you bought the drugs as well as when you started and stopped taking them.

Work with a trusted dangerous drug lawyer

Most top pharmacies in New York City have lawyers on their side ready to fight for their interests. This is why you need an established, reputable and highly skilled law firm with adequate resources to defend you and help win your case. A good lawyer will aggressively fight for you in court and make sure you will get the compensation you truly deserve.

The bottom line is, when filing a dangerous drug claim, it pays to hire the best lawyers and have all relevant documents in place. If you observe these key steps, you can go far with your claims and receive just compensation.