Is There a Limit? Know How High You Can Build a Skyscraper

Is There a Limit? Know How High You Can Build a Skyscraper

Burj KhalifaBuilding a skyscraper, for an investor and seasoned business owner’s point of view, has several benefits. As more and more people prefer to live in cities, building a skyscraper has become a serious business. From Australia to New York or Paris, there is something special and powerful about the idea of building up, not out.

Let this article enlighten you about the things that can stop you from going higher.

The Power of Wind

The first and most common problem you will encounter is wind. Even if you have great modern designs and architectural features, they are of no use when your enemy is the air. When you are walking on a pavement full of trees, the feeling of air on your cheek is gentle and relaxing. That is not the case, however, when you are in a tall and open space building. If you want to make a skyscraper safe, take inspiration from Taiwan’s wind-proof building, Taipei 101. The 390-metres tall skyscraper does not just feature axially mounted wind turbines, but also natural ventilation through the “chimney” effect.

Earthquake Safety

Designers and engineers need to think about earthquake safety when building high-rise buildings. You need to make skyscrapers stronger and more rigid to prepare for the damage of natural disasters. Always do an extensive research to know more information about earthquake safety. It’s best to look for an online publication that delivers latest news and research about urban development design. With the guidance of professionals, you can have a building that can reduce the force of vibration of the ground.

The Need for Wide Basement

When a super typhoon strikes, a building with weak foundation may collapse. This is the reason industry professionals explain that skyscrapers need a big base. Though it will limit you on using every square metre, that does not mean you cannot come up with creative solutions. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower, for instance, provides a clever idea. Its skyscraper features a Y-shaped floor plan to reduce wind resistance and support the baseline.

Your dream of building an attractive yet safe skyscraper does not have to remain a fantasy. Use these facts to guide you in achieving a tall building every step of the way.


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