Find Success in Craft Fairs: Set up Your Booth with These 7 Tips

Find Success in Craft Fairs: Set up Your Booth with These 7 Tips

Event boothFairs go way back, but even until now, different areas have fairs for various reasons. For example, fairs and festivals in the Bay Area include live music and car shows. Many take advantage of fairs to sell books, animals, food, plants, clothing, jewelries, crafts, and even paintings.

Getting ready for a craft fair can be tricky. It can also be quite a challenge for first timers. There are a lot of things to consider before setting up your booth.

Know the exact location of the fair.

Find out whether the fair will be held indoors or outdoors. Consider transportation, lighting, and the weather before the event. Prepare for weather changes if you’re participating in outdoor fairs.

Know how much space you have.

Use painters tape to measure the exact dimensions of the booth; use the dimensions to measure an area in your garage, basement or the living room.
This way, you get a clear idea of the actual space for your booth. Plan ahead and think of possible arrangements to maximize the space.

Be creative in maximizing your space.

Make sure your booth won’t look too crowded and too cluttered. Allot enough space for your customers to feel comfortable while moving around.

Look for the best pop-up tents.

Eliminate any difficulties in setting up by finding portable tents that are easy to put up and take down. Find pop-up display tents you can set up by yourself.

Secure your tent with weights.

Make your own weight bags, buy them online, or buy them from companies selling display tents. Tent weights provide stability from strong winds and rain and anchors your tent to the ground.

Bring toolboxes where you can stash all your craft items.

You will need a toolbox for your duct tape, scissors, markers, and other items. These are the things you can’t do without in any craft fair. Store them all in a toolbox so you know where to find them.

Put up “catchy” signage.

This will draw customers to your booth. Make the signage interesting and creative. If you are selling crafts, an artsy signage tells people that your products are worth checking out. Be ready to give away your business cards.

You’re not the only one selling unique items at fairs. Make people remember you by having a booth properly set up and making your crafty items stand out.


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