Survive the Social Media Purge

Survive the Social Media Purge

Social media sites are ramping their campaign to silence and deplatform Conservatives and Conservative thought. Thousands of users and creators were suspended, banned, or demonetized for not kowtowing to Big Tech and its Liberal views. While some have succumbed to the rampaging behemoths of the tech industry, others have fought back and won, and so can you.

Keep a Record

Social media sites have been known to delete entire pages or channels on a whim even if that page or channel didn’t violate any of their policies. Online archive services can keep a record of your content preserving months or even years of work. This record can also serve as evidence of lack of wrong-doing — just in case you get hit with an undeserved suspension or ban. Once you hit a certain level of engagement and things get profitable, specific protective measures are warranted. A record of your content — including comments and interactions — gives your lawyers a more straightforward job of addressing the situation if and when you decide to fight back against Big Tech rulings. Stephen Crowder of Louder with Crowder has proven several times that even giants like YouTube and Facebook will capitulate to the threat of a justified lawsuit.


social media apps with notifiations

Putting your eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster. Sadly, this is a problem of the majority of content creators. Sticking to one social media platform gives it total control over all your content. Once one of these significant platforms decides you are unwanted or disruptive, they can take you down quickly. While tech giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have the most prominent platforms, there are alternative sites that you can also use. Putting your content on multiple platforms allows you to reach a broader audience and gives you a bit of protection in case one of the significant sites decides to make another wide-sweeping ban. Using alternative sites also weakens the monopoly of Big Tech as well as the Leftist hegemony on these sites.

Get Your Own Site

Alex Jones of Infowars got banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Instagram and even Paypal. Any other content creator would have been left in limbo, but Alex Jones survived. He wasn’t as vulnerable as other content creators because he maintained his own website. This gave him direct access to his following and gave him a source of revenue that was uncontrolled by big social media platforms. Getting your own site gives you absolute control over its content. You get a direct link to advertisers, and you don’t need to share part of that revenue to a big conglomerate. A dedicated website gives you a direct line to your followers, allowing you to interact more freely, provide them with merchandise, or even garner monetary support.

Don’t give Big Tech full control over your content. Take control by adopting measures to secure your content, spreading your content to as many platforms as possible, or getting a dedicated website where Big Tech can’t touch you.