Two Popular Uses of the Cloud

Two Popular Uses of the Cloud

Cloud TechnologyUse of the Cloud has risen in the last few years so that most businesses in the United States are using some form of Cloud technology these days. This is truly one of the biggest and most important technologies introduced of late, as its capacity for enabling business leaders and players is only eclipsed by the savings it also provides industries around the world.

Data storage

This is perhaps the first thing on most people’s minds when they hear the word “Cloud”. Before the introduction of fast, reliable, and remote storage accessible anywhere through multiple devices, people had to carry around thumb drives, portable hard drives, CDs, or even high-capacity tape cartridges and Zip discs. All of these could be damaged, lost, or stolen.In some cases, people carried documents in briefcases or boxes. These could also be damaged or stolen, and they are bulky. These days, the need to lug around physical storage or documents has dwindled because of the Cloud. Some free services offer a few hundred gigabytes of storage while many paid services often offer unlimited or nearly unlimited storage capacity. The only requirement is that you have access to the Internet using a device such as a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone.

Project hosting

Collaboration used to be sorely limited. If you wanted a project done back before this technology existed, you had to meet with people or use up expensive minutes on a conference call. You also had to make do with emailing back and forth until what you wanted was done. The Cloud changed all that by letting collaborators work on a project simultaneously. Experts at LoadSpring share that project management hosting is available from different providers and makes collaborations possible real-time, even when the players are scattered–whether on different office floors or neighboring continents. By using the Cloud, projects are finished several hundred times more quickly and cheaply.

Whether you need a platform to help you with work, school, or home, the Cloud has space and different tools for that. And with the continuously growing number of people with access to the Internet, it’s easier, faster, and safer than ever to use it.