Live Like Bilbo Baggins in Your Own Hobbit Hole

Live Like Bilbo Baggins in Your Own Hobbit Hole

A Hobbit house-themed cabinA hobbit hole is a house with a round door covered in vegetation or half-buried on the hillside. It was popularised by a fictional character’s habitat in a fantasy novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Apart from its fans, some home developers showed interest in the idea of the structure that they have prefabricated ready-made versions of it. While it costs ten times more than building your own, some still prefer a natural version of the hobbit house. Learn how to build your own hobbit hole in your own backyard.

That is Why it is a Hole

Begin by hiring a digger to excavate a big hole and make it bigger than the size of your ideal interior to cater for the protective walls and base. Then create the internal wood frame using sturdy tree trunks or logs and stack them in the style of a wagon to provide a round frame.  You can install additional support beams underneath the frame for a stronger foundation.

As for the roof, lay first a layer of wood beams or tree trunks then add thick layers of black plastic or tar paper on top of the wood to prevent the roof from leaking. Finally, install the sod or turf roof.

Cosy Like ‘The Shire’

Use corrugated metal for the internal wall to serve as a waterproof membrane. Also, add some lime plaster on the walls to create a breathable space.

To insulate the home, place bundles of hay between the supporting posts and then use wood scraps or stone palettes on top of the plastic and straw bales on the floor.

Style Like a Hobbit

Install round windows and doors or you can make them out of nailed pieces of wood. Use a glass cutter to add glass panes on the windows.

Make it rustic by using natural wood on the door and window frames and brass metal for doorknobs and hinges. Finish the interior with an old world touch accentuated by a mix of red and gold colour.

Tidy it up like old Bilbo will do and store your Middle Earth novels on a corner shelf as a tribute to the creator who inspired your new home.