Hardwood Doors: What You Need to Know before Jumping the Bandwagon

Hardwood Doors: What You Need to Know before Jumping the Bandwagon

Hardwood DoorsToday, hardwood is proving to be a classic selection with its enduring and bearing features that quickly strike a chord with homeowners. Hardwood species vary significantly in characteristics. Performance aspects of stainability, colour stability, durability, and grain pattern also differ depending on the tree source.

Note that composite and wood are difficult to distinguish. Unless you have an expert to solve this puzzle, you may end up with the wrong door. An expert looks closely at the end-grain, veneer, painting, grain colour (if it has a patina or is weathered), grain pattern, hardness and weight of the wood, and the source.

Features that Matter Most
Wood Species

Hardwood species react differently to varying conditions. Specific species are better suited for exterior applications than their alternatives. The wood’s water, decay, and insect resistance capacity may dictate this factor.

According to Joinery For All Seasons, it may also have a lower expansion rate in moist conditions. Conversely, some species can have the required resistance, but contain enormous grain expansion.


An expert will concentrate on the weather conditions and the amount of sunlight the door will be subjected to, before determining the right material for you. Unlike metal or fibreglass, wood contains a live material that is very sensitive to weather elements.

It means the door will require protection, regular maintenance, an adequate overhang, and proper finishing.

Exterior and Interior Finishing

The durability of all wood products lies squarely on the finishing. Paint, varnish, and prime are the three forms of finishing. Although paint does not give the natural colour and grain exposure, it is the most weather-resistant option.

Varnish and stain options allow the natural characteristics of the wood to show. Latex resin-base or oil-based paints are applied over oil-based primer when painting is chosen over staining.

Regarding maintenance, sturdiness, and insulation, hardwood doors behave differently. The weight of the door dictates its quality. Hardwood bears inherent dynamic qualities. Unless you work with an expert, it may be hard to determine its inertia, responsiveness, proper finish, panelling and durability.