Types of Wood for Luxury Stair Treads

Types of Wood for Luxury Stair Treads

What wood to pick for stair treadsStoried homes are currently the leading choice for homeowners to maximise indoor space with a small plot of land. To this end, stairs become a necessity to access the different floors of your home. You can choose to make your stairs a design statement rather than a simple, functional part of your home.

The ideal method to achieve this is by choosing wood stair treads. There are different types of wood you can use for stairs, including mid-range, engineered, economy, and luxury. Here are the kinds of wood you can choose for luxury stair treads.


This is considered the queen of exotic hardwoods with its excellent texture and grain. Teak is renowned for its durability and has natural oils that make it resistant to decay, rot, and moisture even with no additional varnish or oil treatments. It has contrasting shades of brown and red and tends to darken over time with light exposure and silica presence.

Black Walnut

This is among the most-sought domestic hardwoods. Black walnut has a warm, rich dark chocolate colour that adds character and warmth to your stair treads. Its sapwood is creamy white. Though not as long-lasting as teak, it is softer and cheaper compared to the latter. Black walnut is hence at times used as an affordable alternative to teak.


This is a hardwood with a rich character and intricate, complex grain pattern that has black flecks originating from its pitch pockets. Cherry has a warm, inviting deep red colour. There are two primary types of cherry, including Brazilian and domestic. Brazilian is the costlier of the two, but both types exude opulence and elegance.

The given options will cost more than other material options on the market. The cost will, however, be worth it with the sheer elegance, durability, and luxurious feel they will give to your interior. Maintenance of these stair treads is stress-free. Hence, this concern should not hinder you from investing in them.