The Top Wood Flooring Options for Your Dream Home

The Top Wood Flooring Options for Your Dream Home

Wood Flooring in PerthDo you know which type of wood flooring is worth buying? You have to think about several factors such as appearance, durability and price tag. Before you decide, let us take a closer look at the top three wooden flooring products in Australia today.


Parquetry flooring materials are in tile form, and they are installed in the same manner. One great thing about it is that it’s affordable and have the texture, appearance and warmth of genuine wood. There are many variations in the standard kaleidoscopic design. Parquet fits easily with the interior décor, which makes it possible for you to get as creative as you want to be. If you are wondering what type of wood goes into parquetry flooring, you might be surprised how long the list goes. Some boards are made from pine, maple, cherry and walnut. Meanwhile, other products are made of oak, mahogany, or even bamboo.

Engineered wooden floors

According to Planet Timbers, when thin wood plies are glued together and topped with a wear layer or veneer strip, you have an engineered board. The number of layers differs, as well as the thickness of the board. Engineered wooden floors are suitable in areas with high humidity when compared to hardwood. They are not as prone to water damage as other types of flooring material. The popularity of this flooring solution is also due to its stability and high resistance to warping.

Solid timber

Hardwood flooring is still a popular choice in the country despite the cost. One of the most valued hardwood species in the country is the Eucalyptus pilularis or Blackbutt, which grows abundantly in southeastern Australia. The grain and colouring of this wood is attractive, and the quality of the timber is exceptional. If you are interested in blackbutt flooring, there are reputable suppliers in Perth.

Wooden floors are durable, classy and elegant. Choose the type of timber flooring that suits your home best.