The Best Woods: Birch and Oak

The Best Woods: Birch and Oak

Oak Wood Birch and Oak are among the most well-known tree species in the world thanks to their durability, versatility, and the fact that they are the namesakes of the first two professors in the Pokémon games. Their reputation as material staples in the home is well earned, as few other woods can surpass or even match them in terms of availability and performance. Companies such as depend on both hardwoods for windows, doors, and other projects. In order to understand why designers favour these trees so much for their products, it is important to know the benefits each material brings to the table.

Thin but Hardy

Birch has a bit of a dual personality because of its natural toughness and slight elasticity. These two seemingly opposing properties allow users to perform a variety of advanced techniques that would destroy other wood species. These techniques include planning complicated moulding profiles, raised skirting, as well as turning and profiling. The popular wood also gets a lot of its favour from the ease with which people can put it together to create their fixtures. Birch is one of the easiest materials to glue, polish, finish, and put under impregnation; carvers can also use high temperatures to quickly dry varnish on Birch fixtures without worrying about cracks and blisters.

Pillar of Strength

Oak on the other hand, is famous for how easy it is to grow and work with, but this wood only works if the user knows which type they are working with. The straight-grained oak for example, is much easier to cut, while the faster growing knotty oaks are more suitable for jobs that require bending. Oak has long been popular because the polished product gives a room an air of refinement that not many other woods can replicate. This is why Oakwood is an automatic choice for banks, hotels, and other similar institutions that want to get a bit more status.


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