Ageing Beautifully: The Singaporean Route to Defying Age

Ageing Beautifully: The Singaporean Route to Defying Age

Beautiful skinSingapore is one of the fastest aging populations in Asia, with more than 2.1 million Singaporeans now over the age of 45 and a still expanding grey statistics. This, perhaps, made Singaporean women top the survey of the biggest spender in beauty products and services in the region,consuming about $200 a month. Hong Kong women made it second while the Chinese were third place.

Who would not want to look young forever? You, among others, will definitely want to defy age. Here are a few tips you can do without cutting much out of your pocket:

• Nothing beats an 8-hour sleep.

Sleep for eight or more hours is prescribed at every age. A good sleep can make you look younger. It is the most powerful rejuvenating treatment. Lack of sleep affects the flow of nutrients to the skin and scalp and makes the skin and hair look dull.

• Kickstart your day with a fruit or vegetable and a glass of water.

The antioxidants in fruits and veggies will revitalize your skin. Include these in your healthy diet—in fact, make these the highlight of every meal.

• Preserve your collagen.

Our body cells produce collagen that holds our skin together. Nutraceutical Ingredients lists this as one protein that makes our skin firm and elastic. There are a number of ways to keep it for youthful skin. Increasing your intake of Vitamin C, quitting smoking, staying safe from the sun are just a few.

• Exfoliate.

Kate Somerville, Hollywood’s most sought-after skin guru, advises to exfoliate to help speed up the natural process of skin renewal.

Care for your skin and look young despite your age. As HAA! says, “regardless of age, one’s mind and body can be as young and ‘evergreen’ as they wish it to be, provided one prepares for it.”


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