Types of Sensors for Garage Doors

Types of Sensors for Garage Doors

Safety and convenience are the primary aspects that homeowners think of when they hear of a garage door. Getting out of the car every time you pull up to open and close the door is not only inconvenient but will also compromise your security. Moreover, these doors are ordinarily heavy, and without some safety measures in place can cause dangerous accidents. One of the common options for controlling the opening and closing of a garage door is through the use of remote control.

The garage remote for your Cairns home is nonetheless only part of the safety and convenience of your property. There are now different sensors on the market for garage doors to control various detrimental effects and ensure the door works optimally. The sensors, in this case, comprise two contact sensors placed near each other. They use magnetic fields for the tracking of movements and emit a relevant signal. Here are the types of door sensors that might apply for your garage.

Safety Sensors

This is, unfortunately, a broad term since all types of garage doors sensors to some extent play a role in the safety of the garage. The two primary sensors, however, considered under safety garage sensors include pressure and infrared sensors. These are designed to ensure that nothing will get crushed under the weight of your garage door. The infrared sensor is installed within the rails and its two sensors linked by an infrared beam. Detection of any obstruction by the beam causes the door to pull up. Pressure sensors are installed at the bottom of your door. The sensor is triggered by any pressure like bumping into something and causes the door to open automatically.

Monitor Sensors

These are more or less designed for your home’s security. They are intended to monitor the closing and opening of a garage door and alert you if the door is left open and yet no car or person is coming in or going out. Monitor sensors are fitted onto a panel inside the garage door. They can also be programmed into different timeframes to control when the door opens and closes and for how long it will stay open.

CO2 Sensors

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These are an advanced garage door sensor option. They are meant to measure the CO2 amount in your garage environment. This is because the environment accumulates a dangerously high CO2 level when you warm your car. The CO2 sensor will cause an automatic opening of the garage door when the levels are dangerously high.

Area Reflective Sensors

These are designed for the opening and closing of the door. They will emit infrared rays from LED machines. The reflection of these rays will measure the distance of an object from your garage door. It then triggers the opening or closing of your garage door.

The above door sensors will make a huge difference in the operation of your garage door. They nonetheless should be kept in optimal shape to guarantee their seamless operation. This will call for periodic servicing of the garage door and its sensors. A professional is essential for these tasks since the door can detach and cause serious injuries when handled.