Three Top Safety Reminders for Garage Door Owners in America

Three Top Safety Reminders for Garage Door Owners in America

White garage doorThis is a wake-up call to all homeowners in America who uses a garage door daily. You should pay attention to the results of a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS). It turns out garage doors are the cause of about 15,000 emergency consults in the United States in a year. Injuries from a garage spring repair gone awry in Provo can be serious enough to require hospitalization and additional rehabilitation. How can you protect yourself and your family from such incidents?

1. Never put aside signs of potentially disastrous problems

Safety sensors are there to ensure your safety. When you wake up one day, and the sensors seem to be misbehaving, do not put that aside. It won’t do anyone good if you keep neglecting a malfunction. When a person or an animal walks under the door, he or she must have the confidence that it will hold itself up. A door that does not reverse when you block the beam with a broom to test it is a disaster waiting to happen. Do not invite disaster. Instead, report the problem immediately.

2. Regular maintenance keeps you safe

Repairman fixing a garage doorOlder doors may already be running on empty. That is, the springs that work the door may already be nearing the end of their lifespan. A well-built door will serve your family for many years. Nevertheless, it is a machine that is subject to physical laws, and all machines wear out eventually. When torsion springs wear out, they may not show signs early on. In some instances, the only sign of a problem is breakage, and a door that refuses to close, or a door that suddenly crashes down into the ground. Regular maintenance will reveal signs of wear and tear that a homeowner would not be able to discern. A professional technician would be able to identify potential issues and make the necessary recommendations to avert a disaster.

3. Learn to differentiate petty concerns from large issues

In a machine with many moving parts, something can suddenly let loose, break into smaller pieces, or stop working properly. A garage door may look bulky and huge, but it is made up of many smaller parts. A well-oiled machine should not give you any problems, but anything that falls to neglect, or is not fully understood can be a disaster in the making. Protect your family with updated and relevant safety information about your garage door.