How Garage Maintenance Can Protect You

How Garage Maintenance Can Protect You

Secured garage doorCriminals can enter your home in many ways: gaps in windows, balconies, and loosely locked doors. They can also be very patient, waiting for the right time when you’re feeling safe and relaxed. But do you also know they can enter through garages? The experts at O’Brien Garage Doors explain that when a homeowner does not properly maintain their garage doors, the following could happen.

How Burglars Enter through Garages

Burglars use different methods to break into your home through your garage. If your garage doesn’t use a remote door opener, the thief can just wait for you to roll up the door. The few seconds your eyes are off your surroundings will be enough time for the burglars to pounce on you and walk into your home.

They can also be crafty and use something as cheap as a coat hanger to access your emergency latch found above the door. By manipulating the latch, they can open the doors manually.

Burglars can also study your movements, habits, or patterns, and they can use them to their advantage. An example is leaving your door remotes in your car. Even if for a few seconds, they can steal or copy the entry remote.

What Can You Do?

An operated garage door remains one of the effective ways to prevent burglaries, but you need to supplement that. You can call for garage repair services in Chester County, PA, for routine maintenance. Any sign of wear and tear makes your garage vulnerable to break-ins. The experts can also advise you on how to improve the security of the garage doors, including replacing springs or adjusting the track.

You need to be more cautious when choosing a garage door system.  Make sure that you contact the experts who can give you the right advice when it comes to garage safety.