Checklist in Setting Up Your First-Born’s Nursery

Checklist in Setting Up Your First-Born’s Nursery

Newborn baby in bedPreparing for the arrival of your first baby is one of the most exciting highlights of your life. Most of the time, though, many parents don’t anticipate and consider things beyond giving birth. One important preparation you should not miss is the nursery room. Here’s what you need to take note:

Choose materials wisely

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that you should avoid materials that are not prone to toxins, hazards, and pollutants. Invest in those that don’t contain harmful chemicals adhesives. Avoid materials that collect dust and other dirt, such as synthetic carpets and even furry stuffed animals.

Have adequate lighting and ventilation

You may think that a room that allows the most natural light would be the best for a nursery, but it’s not. Too much light can, in fact, disturb your baby’s sleeping and napping periods. If you have no other choice, put up curtains. Make sure that unpolluted air circulates the room. Eliminate noise and other distractions as well. It’s better that the room is not facing the street.

Make room for storage

The nursery room should be spacious, and there should be a lot of open spaces for both parents to roam around. Needless to say, clear all clutter since you would need tons of storage anyway. To save space, you can DIY a built-in storage and buy basic materials from an industrial supply store to get started. added that you need to make sure they provide quality tools that will help you instead of making your DIY projects worse.

Choose furnishings that are comfortable and sturdy

Never buy anything that is substandard because safety is always the top priority. Have a crib and a cot that will heavily support your kid while he or she is growing. You also need to dedicate a space for changing nappies.

Spruce it up

Lastly, decorate your nursery room and filled it with things that you want your child to appreciate and absorb. Don’t be afraid of colors and make it gender-neutral.

Preparing the nursery room should never be overlooked. It is an exciting task, but it’s also not something that you can just do at the last minute. Since you are focusing on safety and comfort, start early, so everything is all set when the baby comes out.