How to Keep Your Greenhouse in Great Condition

How to Keep Your Greenhouse in Great Condition

woman in a greenhouse

Now that you’ve finally built your dream greenhouse and have been using it for all your gardening chores. It has been a great shelter for all your plants and veggies so far, but if you wish to maximise its use and life, you should think about proper care and maintenance as well. Greenhouses are a wonderful amenity for gardeners but as with any outdoor structure, they’re also prone to wear and tear.

As an owner, you must keep it in tip-top shape so you can benefit from it even after the growing season. Here are some tips and reminders on how you can take good care of your greenhouse.

Autumn cleaning

The autumn breeze is a sign that your plants need the warmth and protection of your greenhouse. Before you take them in, know that it’s also a sign that the glass shelter needs a deep clean.

First, bring your plants, pots, supplies, and tools outside so you can run a thorough cleaning of your greenhouse. Scrub the windows and wash the flooring. Free the paths and bricks from dirt and debris. Get rid of pests and their eggs from the surfaces.

Once the interiors are clean, wipe the glazing from the outside until it’s spotless. Don’t forget to clean the drains and gutters. Clean the pots and tools before you take them inside.

Maintenance check

Take time to check the different parts of the structure for potential damage. Windows and door panes are particularly prone to damage so always check their condition. Broken glass is another common problem that needs immediate action.

In case there is damage, ask your supplier if they can provide you with the greenhouse part that you need. When damages are not repaired immediately, your plants may suffer and it may lead to other structural problems.

Spring cleaning

woman in a greenhouse

When spring comes, your greenhouse will again need some cleaning. Remove moulds, mildew, algae, and fungi on the shelves and benches. Pluck out weed and unwanted plants in and around the structure. Sweep dried leaves and debris. Let the light in by removing the winter cover. To bring your greenhouse back to life for the new season, thoroughly clean the glass parts inside and out.

Roofing replacement

Greenhouse roofs usually become dirty and dark due to the accumulation of debris and the growth of moulds. This happens in both plastic and fibreglass roofing. The problem with this is it minimises the amount of sunlight that enters the shelter.

If you think that cleaning the roofing is not the most practical option, consider buying a new one. Just talk to a greenhouse parts supplier and while you’re at it, ask about their replacement service as well.

Keeping your greenhouse in good working condition is easier than you think. All you need is the basic know-how and a little bit of patience in cleaning and checking its condition on a regular basis. Greenhouse maintenance may require some time, but it’s all worth it if you’re truly passionate about gardening. Take good care of your greenhouse and for sure, it will take good care of your plants.