How to keep your car in the best condition.

How to keep your car in the best condition.

Keeping your car in excellent condition isn’t as complicated as it would seem. Most new car owners might be overwhelmed with how many things to consider, like changing oils and routine maintenance; it’s not as confusing as it appears. The essential things to remember are the engine, the oil and the brakes. The engine is literally what runs your vehicle and keeping it in tip-top shape is a must especially for ageing vehicles. Changing your motor oil regularly not only helps keep your engine running smoothly but efficiently as well as you get more mileage for your gas consumption. As for the brakes, making sure that your brakes are responsive and not worn out is a fundamental thing to remember for any car owner because above all else, road safety should be your top priority.

Keeping your engine in top condition.

Calling the engine as the heart and soul of a car is no exaggeration as, without an engine, a car won’t run. With that in mind, it’s essential to make sure that your engine is running smoothly and efficiently. Remember when you first bought your brand new car and how smooth and quiet the engine was? That’s the optimal condition of a car’s engine, and I understand that with time and as your car ages, the efficiency and overall condition of your engine will degrade. There are ways to delay this and extend your engine’s lifespan by taking excellent care of it. Cleaning your engine bay or engine compartment and the engine itself while not strictly recommended on the owner’s manual will help you locate leaks, busted tubes, or any other potential hazards a lot easier than with a dirty, grimy engine bay filled with grease and dust.

Changing your motor oil regularly also keeps your engine running efficiently and reliably. If you bought your car brand new, it’s generally best to change the filter and the oil itself after 1500 miles or 2000 at most. After that first oil change, have your mechanic show and demonstrate how to check the oil so you can check it once a week. I change my oil every 3500 miles, or after three months whichever comes first. While the increase in quality of new motor oils these days make the 3500-mile “rule” generally obsolete, I’m used to the routine of changing my oil every 3500 miles as that’s the way I’ve always done it and my father before me. These days, you can get away with changing your oil between 6000 and 7000 miles without any negative effects on your vehicle. Also, make sure you’re seeking advice from a reputable mechanic or shop on how to take care of your car.

Engine Decontamination Treatment or EDT for short has become a popular way of keeping your engine in the best condition in recent years. EDT removes unwanted and harmful deposits from your engine that a regular oil change cannot. It has been proven to provide a handful of benefits, including but not limited to, increased fuel economy, reduced emissions, and better oil circulation. Regular detailing might not be enough, so EDT is a highly recommended method to keep your engine running smoothly and quieter. Finding shops that offer EDT is easy, and in my case, it’s a Google search away to find the nearest shop in my area that offers EDT. Just go to your search engine of choice and type in the relevant keywords like in my case, “engine cleaning service UK” gets me a result of the top shops in my area and most of them offer EDT.

Other things to keep in mind to make sure your car is maintained properly.

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As previously mentioned, road safety should be your number one priority, so make sure your brakes are in top condition, your seatbelts fastened and works correctly. If driving at night, your headlights bright and clear should always be in your mind. Always check your battery to make sure no problems are starting up your vehicle and make sure that your radiator coolant is at the recommended level.

All in all, even a 30-year-old car will still run in good condition if appropriately maintained and isn’t that most of us want? A reliable car with a long life span that is safe, road and environmentally friendly that runs as close as possible to how it ran when it was new. With those tips above, maintaining your car should not be as overwhelming as it once was, so have fun and drive safe everyone!